EMMY® Award 2021 Quick Facts:

Eligibility period: January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

Deadline for Entries (without late fee): Thursday, January 21, 2020

Deadline for Entries (with $25 late fee): Thursday, January 28, 2020

Videos must be uploaded by Thursday, February 4, 2021.
Deadline to pay entries is Friday, February 5, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to be a member to enter?
  2. You do not have to be a member to enter, but your entry fees will be
    discounted if you are. If you do not want to join NATAS, you must become a
    Registered User to submit your entry. Each entrant needs either a member or
    user ID number. You must pay your membership PRIOR to submitting your
    entry, in order to receive the discount. Before creating a new membership,
    please confirm whether you already have a member or user ID number on the Member Login Page.

If you use a duplicate email address, EMMY® Express will not be able to
recognize your membership, and your duplicate record will have to be
deleted from the system.

  1. Does each entrant need to be a member to qualify for the less expensive
    entry rate? Can my station become a member, thereby making all entries at
    the member rate?
  2. Each entrant needs to be a member in order to qualify for the discount.
    The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Pacific Southwest
    Chapter is made up of individual members of the television profession and
    there is no corporate membership. After 12 entrants, either member or
    non-member, the non-member rate applies.
  3. What if I can’t remember my Member Number or Password ?
  4. All information regarding your membership can be found on the Member Login Page

    You can click a link to have your password emailed to you. If you can‘t
    remember which email address you used to create your account, or your email
    address has changed, please contact the Chapter Office at admin@nataspsw.org.
  5. My piece has aired in your region for the first time during the
    eligibility period, but it aired elsewhere previously. Can I enter it now
    in your region?
  6. No. Entries must have been produced for the Chapter’s designated awards
    area and must have had their first transmission in that awards area during
    the eligibility period, meaning that the first time it ever aired had to
    have been in our region, and during this year’s eligibility period.
  7. My production could be entered in Magazine Program as well as
    Entertainment Program – are we allowed to enter that program into both
  8. A program can only be entered in one programming category – it’s up to
    you to decide which one.
  9. If we can only enter a program in one category, why do we see the same
    program receiving multiple Emmy® Awards at the ceremony?
  10. The Awards are in two basic groups – Programming and Crafts. Although a
    program can only be entered in one programming category, the various crafts
    involved, editing, photography, direction, etc. can also be entered. And it
    often is that an excellent program is also honored in several craft
  11. What is meant by “Double-Dipping”?
  12. You can read a detailed definition, along with examples, of
    Double-Dipping on the Double Dipping subfile under Emmy Awards
  13. What constitutes a “Composite?”
  14. This is intended to give craft entries more depth. For instance, it’s a
    way to showcase an editor’s talent in general. A composite is defined as a
    sampling of two or more representative segments or elements, not to exceed
    five(5) segments, that convey to a judging panel the scope, breadth, or
    range of an individual’s talents or of coverage of a special event. The
    elements within a composite, unless otherwise noted, are to be “as aired”
    with no internal edits or post production work, such as music or special
    effects. Demo reels or montages are not allowed. One to two seconds of
    black between cuts, with no audio or slates must be added to separate
    segments within the composite. Unless otherwise noted, a straight lift from
    a long work may be included as an element of a composite, but there must be
    no editing of the lift.
  15. We have a few stories that we want to enter. However all of them were
    produced by a 2-person team. Can we include both names? If so, who gets the
  16. In the case of two or more producers, all producers enter on the same
    entry and each pay an entry fee. For instance, two producers enter as
    producers of one program, they each pay the appropriate entry fee (member
    or non-member) and if it is Emmy® awarded, they each receive a statuette.
  17. In the Craft categories, do we enter a single program or can it be an
    edited piece showcasing the performer’s abilities in different programs?
  18. On Craft entries, you may enter a composite of segments, two or more
    representative segments or elements, not to exceed five (5). There must be
    a second or two of black between each segment and there can be no edits in
    the individual segments. The time limit for craft entries is 15 minutes.
    For instance, if it’s a host of a magazine show, just put the host’s
    sections (maximum of 5) on the entry. For instance, if it is an Editor
    category, you can enter up to 5 examples of your work, with no edits in
    each segment.