NATAS PSW List of Emmy Award Entries (Includes Programming and Spots Categories-i.e. PSAs, Promos and Commercials) for 2023

Please review the list and check your entries.
  • Be sure everyone that significantly contributed to the entry is included.
  • Check your name and title for spelling and if it is in all CAPS. Please go into Emmy Express and change.

There is an administrative fee of $25/entry/entrant to be added onto any entry now or if we have to change the CASE of the title or entrant’s name.  Please email the office at [email protected] to add entrants before April 1st. The Nominations will be announced virtually on May 5th. 

If you want to add someone AFTER the Nominations are announced, the fee is $300/entry/entrant for members who renewed before April 1, 2023, and $500 for non-members AND is not guaranteed. You must petition the Board within 10 days of the announcement, May 15th to be considered.