Emmy Early Entry Discount

If you are a member of NATAS, and enter between Dec. 1 – 15 you will get $10 off each entry/entrant for programs/spots and crafts. This discount does not apply to non-members or Newscasts.

Here’s what you do:
1) Renew your membership for 2016, or join for the 1st time through Emmy Express (click JOIN above)
2) Enter your program or craft through Emmy Express, making sure you have all the names on the entry at that time–entrants added after December 15th will not receive the discount
3) Pay for your entry either through Emmy Express via credit card or send in a check.

If you have Judging Rewards, you may add them to these entries as well. This year you will be able to use a maximum of $25 worth (5) of Judging Rewards per entry.

For example, after you become a member for the 2016 year and enter a program/spot between Dec. 1 – 15, with the discount, the Early Bird Entry Fee will be $80; but if you have judged 5 times and have 5 Judging Rewards, the entry will be discounted even further to only $55. If you enter a craft, the Early Bird Entry Fee will be $50, and if you have 5 Judging Rewards, the cost will be reduced to $25. Newscasts are not discounted.

So gather up your Judging Rewards and enter before December 15th!