Online Judging Opportunity–Deadline Extended

We have an opportunity to judge English and Spanish Emmy® Entries for the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter.  This is a great opportunity to see what your peers in other markets are doing, and also to learn how entries are judged. When you submit your Emmy® Entry, you are agreeing to judge other chapters’ entries. Without this reciprocity, there would be no Emmy® Awards. Judges will receive one judging reward per panel judged (some panels may contain multiple categories). Judging rewards are valued at $5- each, and can be used towards membership renewal, Emmy® Entry submissions, and next year’s Emmy® Gala tickets.

Below are the online panels, with the categories, number of entries and TRT for the panels:

Qualified judges need a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of television to participate. To become a judge, please email [email protected] with the name of the panel(s) that you’re qualified and willing to judge, and you’ll be sent a link to the judging web site, along with detailed instructions, and a login code. You will then create a judging profile and view the entries online in the comfort of your home or office. Judging does not have to be completed in one sitting; you may start and stop as needed. The deadline to complete online judging is Sunday, July 27th.

Categories # of Entries Total Time
2A3A – Newscast – Daytime or Evening-Larger Markets 1-40 8 04:07:51
2B3B – Newscast – Daytime or Evening-Medium Markets 41-80 4 01:34:32
22AB – Politics/Government-News Single Story/Feature 12 00:56:27
26A – Sports – News Single Story 9 0:31:43
26E-Sports – Program Feature/Segment  6 0:30:00
26EF – Sports – Daily or Weekly Program 10 03:02:34
26J- Sports – One Time Speical 11 4:23:56
27 – Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited 8 03:35:44
29D – Weather – News Weathercast 4 00:32:47
30A – Documentary – Cultural 5 O2:45:51
42A – Commercial – Single Spot 23 00:13:39
52A – Editor – Program (Non-News) 22 03:46:23
52B – Editor – Short Form (Promos, PSA’s, Commercials, Opens, etc.) 16 00:35:42
52C – Editor – News – Within 24 Hours 4 O0:29:00
56B – On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather 4 O0:27:48
56C – On-Camera Talent Anchors – Sports  4 O0:35:47
56E – On-Camera Talent – Performer/Narrator 6 01:02:54
56F – On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator 5 00:53:29
SPANISH NEWS 7 0:58:00
SPANISH CRAFT 12 2:36:00