Spanish and English Judging Opportunity

Judges Needed for Online Categories

EmmyRdBase smallWe have an online Emmy® judging opportunity this month to judge the DC Chapter’s entries.  When you submit your Emmy® Entry, you are agreeing to judge other chapters’ entries.  Without this reciprocity, there would be no Emmy® Awards.  Judges will receive one judging reward per panel judged (some panels may contain more than one category).  Judging rewards are valued at $5- each, and can be used towards membership renewal, Emmy® Entry submissions, and Emmy® Event Tickets.

Below are the online panels, with the categories, number of entries and TRT for the panels:

Qualified judges need a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of television to participate.  To become a judge, please email [email protected] with the name of the panel(s) that you’re able to judge, and you’ll be sent a link to the judging web site, along with detailed instructions, and a login code. You will then create a judging profile and view the entries online in the comfort of your home or office.  Judging does not have to be completed in one sitting; you may start and stop as needed.   The deadline to complete online judging is Saturday, April 12th.

Cateory Entries TRT
23B – Informational/Instructional – Program/Special 16 5:54:44
57 – SPANISH NEWS 8 1:17:45
58 – SPANISH PROMOS 3 0:02:53
59 – SPANISH PROGRAMS 3 0:51:45