August Online Judging Opportunity–English and Spanish

Earn judging rewards to use towards membership dues and entry fees

Judging for Southcoast Chapter

We have an online Emmy® judging opportunity this month to judge the Suncoast Chapter, in both English and Spanish categories.  When you submit your Emmy® Entry, you are agreeing to judge other chapters’ entries.  Without this reciprocity, there would be no Emmy® Awards.  Judges will receive one judging reward per panel judged.  Judging rewards are valued at $5- each, and can be used towards membership renewal, Emmy® Entry submissions, and Emmy® Event Tickets.  The deadline to complete judging is Friday, September 11, 2015.

The list of panels is below, with the qualifications, categories, number of entries to be judged and the total running time of the panel.

Qualified judges need a minimum of 2 years of professional television experience relevant to the category being judged. To become a judge, please email with the name of the panel(s) that you’re qualified and willing to judge, and you’ll be sent a link to the judging web site, along with detailed instructions, and a login code. You will then create a judging profile and view the entries online in the comfort of your home or office. Judging does not have to be completed in one sitting; you may start and stop as needed.

ENGLISH Categories Entries Length
CRIME – News 21 2:06:45
HISTORIC/CULTURAL – News 19 1:55:21
EDITOR – News 14 1:20:57
GRAPHIC ARTS – Graphics/Set Design 12 0:27:49
PHOTOGRAPHER – Program (Non-News) 11 2:22:45
SPANISH Categories Entries Length
SPORTS – Sportscast/Program Feature/Segment/Daily or Weekly Program/Program Series/One-Time Special – SPORTING EVENT/GAME – LIVE/UNEDITED – Program/Special/Series 16 3:57:20
DOCUMENTARY – Cultural/Historical 10 7:39:00