Rose Pfanner, 2014 Silver Circle Inductee

Rose Pfanner began her career in TV answering phones at KNSD (at that time KCST) in 1983; a different time, a different world.  In 1984, Rose moved into the newsroom where she answered phones again, this time for the news director, who also needed filing, typing (yes, typewriters!) and expense reports done. By 1985 Rose was anxious to do something, anything else… so she became a “feed roomer”…. taking in news satellite feeds from NBC (C-band, anyone?) and logging them for the producers and editors.  Later that year Rose moved into producing and writing. During the next 15 years she worked all different shows, all different times, all different days, through several different station owners, GMs and many, many news directors.

By 2000 Rose decided to move into freelancing where her education turned from newsgathering to production.  Suddenly she had to learn things like “Composite”…”Green Screen”…  and “Audio sweetening”.  It was a quick and dirty education, but she learned so much including the game saving “fix it in post”.

Rose returned to TV news as a producer in 2007 at Fox 5 (at that time CW/KSWB) where she produced a public service weekly program called “Take 5”.   When KSWB became Fox 5, she moved into writing for the early morning news broadcast.  She stayed for 5 years before joining the creative services department to produce “San Diego’s Most Wanted”.  When the show ended its run, Rose began another series of free-lance writing/producing assignments for government clients, production companies and marketing interests.

Most recently she returned to her roots in TV News by taking a job as an on-call writer/associate producer for CBS News 8 (KFMB).  After almost 31 years in broadcast TV, she can honestly say it’s been an experience…In fact, a lot of them!

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