2020 NATAS PSW BOG Nominations

The Board of Governors is the parliamentary governing body which oversees the functioning of each of the Chapters that comprise The National Television Academy.  The Governors are entrusted with administering the Chapters and for safeguarding the integrity of the Emmy® brand and the Emmy® Awards process.  
Governors are elected by the general membership of each Chapter from its active members. 
Governors may serve two consecutive two-year terms.

The duties of a Governor include the following:

•To attend a general meeting each month of the Board of Governors to discuss and vote on matters of importance to the Academy.

•To act as a conduit to and from the television community on matters affecting the Chapter and the community.

•To chair or serve actively on at least one Committee.*

•To participate actively in the production of at least one Chapter program or activity each year and to attend as many Chapter functions as possible.

•To serve as a judge and recruit others to judge the Emmy entries from other Chapters of The National Academy.

•To recruit new members of the Chapter.

•To perform whatever other duties are required to maintain the integrity, well-being, and efficient functioning of the Television Academy Chapter.

* The Standing Committees of the Pacific Southwest Chapter include: Activities, Area Awards, Communications, Internet, Legal, Chapter Stations, Membership and Education/Scholarship. There are also several ad hoc committees including Nominations, Television History and Silver/Gold Circle.

Help us continue over 46 years of excellence by running for the NATAS-PSW Board of Governors!

If you’d like to run for the June ’20 – June ’22 term, contact the chapter office at [email protected] to put your name on the ballot.

2020 Call for Entries

Meet the 2019 Gold & Silver Circle Inductees

Don Benke – Gold Circle Inductee

Salvador Rivera – Silver Circle Inductee

2019 Emmy® Award Recipients Congratulations!

The National Academy of

Television Arts & Sciences

Pacific Southwest Chapter

Emmy® Award Recipients

June 15, 2019

Newscast – Evening – Larger Markets

  • 10News at 11:00pm Storm causes widespread damage, Troy Wahl, Sarah Cowan, Andi Dukleth, Frank Castillo Jr., Matthew Boone, Vanessa Nevarez, KGTV 10News
  • NBC 7 News at 11: West Fire, Cameran Biltucci, Dan Geduld, Gabriella Rodriguez, Rene Gonzalez, Stacy Garcia, Llarisa Abreu, Scott Baird, Dita Quiñones, Brooks Beckman, NBC 7 San Diego
  • Telemundo 20 a Ambos Lados De La Frontera, Diana Díaz, Maria José Duran, Melissa Sandoval, Marinee Zavala, Mirsha Arambula, Lizzet López, Víctor Rodíguez Tafoya, Ana Cristina Sánchez, Rigoberto Villalobos, Alejandro Alejandre, Carlos Mauricio Ramírez, Guadalupe Venegas, Telemundo 20

Newscast – Evening – Smaller Markets

  • Eyewitness News at 10, Jordan Marquez, Sabella Scalise, KBAK/KBFX-TV

Newscast – Morning – Larger Markets

  • NBC 7 News Today – Mass Shooting & Wildfire Danger, David Yim, Andrew Madarang, Christopher Galvan, Liberty Zabala, Nicholas Kjeldgaard, Audra Stafford, MaryEllen Eagelston, Calvin Pearce, Jon Brady, NBC 7 San Diego

Newscast – Weekend – Larger Markets

  • 10News at 5:00pm: Migrants Rush the Border, Sofia Seikaly, Rina Nakano, Stewart Smith, Andi Dukleth, KGTV 10News

Journalistic Enterprise

  • La Caravana Migrante en Vivo desde Mexico, Rigoberto Villalobos, Diana Díaz , Maria José Duran, Alejandro Alejandre, Víctor Rodríguez Tafoya, Telemundo 20
  • 1 October Storytellers, Christine Maddela, Ray Arzate, Sergio Rodriguez, John Huck, Alyssa Deitsch, FOX5 Las Vegas

Overall Excellence

  • FOX5 Las Vegas: A Year of Healing, Hope & Hockey, Terri Peck, FOX5 Las Vegas

Team Coverage

  • Borderline Shooting, Claudine Contreras, Sage Pierce, Chuck Westerheide, Mark Leimbach, Bobby Prom, Mark Mullen, Audra Stafford, Lindsay Hood, Calvin Pearce, NBC 7 San Diego
  • West Fire Tears through San Diego, Melissa Alexander, Sarah Cowan, Quinn Konold, John D Suarez, Megan Parry, Rina Nakano, KGTV 10News

Breaking/Spot News Coverage

  • Watch Out For the Airplane, Joe Little, Mark Leimbach, Alexander Nguyen, Lindsay Hood, NBC 7 San Diego

General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours

  • The Last Route, Amanda Brandeis, KGTV 10News

General Assignment Report – No Time Limit

  • The Story of the Healing Garden, Judith Greene, Albert Williams, FOX5 Las Vegas

Investigative Report – Single Story or Series

  • Investigating Child Protective Services: How the system fails children, Vanessa Murphy, Bill Roe, Ian Russell, KLAS-TV
  • The system failed, Adam Racusin, Adam Hillberry, Maureen Sheeran, KGTV 10News

News Special

  • Vegas Golden Knights Finish Strong, Kevin Bolinger, Vincent Sapienza, Robbie Hunt, Kristen Kidman, Judith Greene, John Huck, Christine Maddela, Ray Arzate, Ryan Dunn, FOX5 Las Vegas
  • One October, One Year Later, Stephanie Wheatley, Jim Snyder, Marie Mortera, Latoya Silmon, Kelsey Thomas, Denise Rosch, Kenny Ramis, Justin Monteith, Thuan Nguyen, Scott Kost, KSNV
  • Vegas Stronger: A Beacon of Hope, Emily Antuna, Tricia Kean, Zachary Prudhomme, Amber Huckaby, Todd Quinones, Madeliene Barris, Ozkar Palomo, Tracie McKinney, Jackie Kostek, Carla Wade, KTNV

News – Arts/Entertainment – Single Story or Series

  • Diversity & Dance, Christine Maddela, Ray Arzate, FOX5 Las Vegas

News – Business/Consumer – Single Story or Series

  • NBC 7 Responds: Looking out for San Diego, Bob Hansen, Mark Sackett, Erica Byers, NBC 7 San Diego

News – Crime – Single Story or Series

  • Repeatedly Punched and Kicked, Adam Racusin, Adam Hillberry, KGTV 10News
  • La noche de las 1.058 balas, Antonio Texeira, Andy Quinones, Telemundo Las Vegas
  • Two Jane Does: Murdered and Forgotten, Olivia LaVoice, Steve Womack, KGET
  • Death Row: Questionable Conviction, Olivia LaVoice, Steve Womack, KGET

News – Environment – Single Story or Series

  • Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border, Zoe Meyers, The Desert Sun
  • The Dangerous Thing is What You Can’t See, Joe Little, NBC 7 San Diego
  • Salvando a la Vaquita Marina, Marco Gonzalez, Univision Palm Springs

News – Health/Science – Single Story or Series

  • Anything For A Cure, JW August, Tom Jones, NBC 7 San Diego

News – Historic/Cultural – Single Story or Series

  • Migrant Children, Testimonies of their journey, Claudia Estephania Baez, TV Azteca
  • A Flag, A Photo and A Bond, Leah Pezzetti, 23ABC

News – Human Interest – Single Story or Series

  • ASL Interpreters Relay Crucial Information During Disasters, Tracy Lehr, KEYT
  • The Missing Piece, Darcy Spears, Ozkar Palomo, KTNV
  • Model Behavior: Reality show finalist on life after prison, Brooke Beare, Timothy Kiley, KESQ News Channel 3
  • Caravana Migrante: Inocencia Dañada, Viridiana Solano, Carlos Armendariz, KINC
  • Hello Humankindness, Danielle Kernkamp, 23ABC

News – Politics/Government – Single Story or Series

  • Driving Ms. Reszetar, George Knapp, Matthew Adams, Ian Russell, KLAS
  • Fleeing from Nicaragua, Antonio Texeira, Telemundo Las Vegas

News – Religion – Single Story or Series

  • 2018 Olympics – It’s about the Reach, Reed Abplanalp-Cowan, Adrian Crooks, KSNV

News – Military – Single Story or Series

  • Bad Ass Ballers, Suzanne Bartole, Anita Lightfoot, County News Center
  • Airsoft “La medicina después de la guerra”, Cesar Contreras, Entravision

News – Technology – Single Story or Series

  • Secrets of the Dark Web, Marcella Lee, KFMB-TV
  • La Herramienta del Futuro, Leticia Castro, Telemundo Las Vegas

Sports – News Single Story or Series

  • Hope & Hockey, Christine Maddela, Jason Westerhaus, Ray Arzate, Terri Peck, FOX5 Las Vegas
  • Knight Life – “October 1”, Clay Pahlau, Mariah Baker, Zachary Tornabene, Chris Jones, Mike Gray, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain

Sports – Daily or Weekly Program or Special

  • Jane Mitchell One on One with Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman 2018, Jane Mitchell, Daniel E. Roper, One on One Productions
  • Hoffman Statue Unveiling, Erik Meyer, Kevin Dodge, Jacob Santos, Sonni Simmons, Tom Catlin, Max Michalak, Kimberly Pletyak, Nicholas Davis, Fox Sports San Diego

Sports – Event/Game – Live/Unedited

  • Padres Opening Day, Jason Lewis, Zachary Jensen, Max Michalak, Kimberly Pletyak, Nicholas Davis, Don Orsillo, Mark Grant, Fox Sports San Diego
  • Golden Knights Conquer the Pacific, Tavis Strand, Frank Albin, Sam Kilman, Susan Strand, Michael Schanno, Zachary Tornabene, Dave Goucher, Shane Hnidy, Aly Lozoff, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain


  • Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America, Bill Wisneski, Mona Urban, Palomar College TV
  • Prescription for Hope: Overcoming Nevada’s Opioid Epidemic, Alphonse Polito, Tyler Bourns, Paul Klein, Eric Bonnici, Jesse McCloskey, Austin Bassi, Three Sticks Productions

Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special

  • Private Islands – Wakaya Island, Amber Wyatt, Andrew Reid, Edge & Elegance Entertainment

Interview/Discussion – Program or Special

  • 49th District Debate Special, Matthew Lewis, Conor Lawrence Volk, Alex Presha, Daniel Freeman, NBC 7 San Diego

Health/Science – Program or Special

  • Life on the Line: Love for Lexi, Patricia Kelikani, Erik Edstrom, Melody George, Michael Wolcott, Cosmin Cosma, Keturah Reed, Daniel Wahlen, Mound City Films
  • Stories of The Sharp Experience, Episode 17 Michael Badami, Paula Berberick, Kelly Faley, Lynn Kelly, Rich Underwood, KellyCo Agency / Sharp HealthCare

Historical/Cultural – Program or Special

  • Remembering Vietnam: Las Vegas Veterans, Jeremy Helal, Gary Williams, Vegas PBS

Informational/Instructional – Program or Special

  • A Growing Passion – Intoxicating Plumeria, Marianne Gerdes, AGP Productions


  • Outdoor Nevada- Our Radioactive History, John Burke, Fabiana Ubben, Sergio De Souza, Hayley Etter, John Lloyd, Todd Hailstone, Dustin Hall, John McClain, Vegas PBS

Military – Program or Special

  • Vietnam Speaks, Kristy Cooper, Tim Stytle, Ralph C. Cooper Jr., Peter Young, Brad Greenwell, Ethan Mink, Ronnie Guyer, Eric Peck, Hansel Pintos, Empire Network PBS
  • Untold Stories of the Vietnam War, Ruby Chen, Kathleen Bade, Christine Vargas, FOX 5 San Diego

Public/Current/Community Affairs – Program or Special

  • Flood of Distrust: The Story of San Diego’s Mismanaged Water Department, Bob Hansen, Tom Jones, Dorian Hargrove, Mark Sackett, Erica Byers, Tiffany Gonzalez, NBC 7 San Diego

Special Events Coverage

  • Cox Presents: A Salute to Teachers, Carla Jean Hockley, Deborah Davis-Gillespie, YurView
  • Teens Sing for Santa Barbara Benefit Concert, Jeff Martin, KEYTNewsChannel 3/Santa Barbara Production Group

Lifestyle Program – Program/Special

  • From Scratch, Kristy Cooper. Brian Korcok, Stacie Korcok, Jhoann Acosta-Idda, Jean Demery, Wayne Lewis, Brad Greenwell, Ralph C. Cooper Jr., Tim Stytle, Empire Network PBS

Community/Public Service (PSAs) – Single Spot/Campaign

  • Did You Know? “Immigrant Communities” , Dane Wygal, Larry Ellsworth, Digital OutPost

Promotion – News Promo – Single Spot

  • Introducing News 8’s Jenny Milkowski, Casey Nakamura, Jenny Milkowski, CBS News 8
  • I Drive Your Truck, Sergio Rodriguez, FOX5 Las Vegas

Promotion – News Promo – Campaign/Image

  • Capture History, Brian Thole, CBS News 8
  • Numero 1 Univision San Diego, Paulina Castro, KBNT

Promotion – Program – Single Spot/Campaign

  • Ask The Experts – World Cup, Matthew Burrow, Alejandro Guajardo, FOX 5 San Diego
  • Promo Comic Con Univision, Isamara Diaz, Entravision

Commercial – Single Spot

  • Old You Meet New You – San Diego Symphony, Jacques Spitzer, Raindrop Branding and Advertising

Commercial – Campaign

  • Sharp Novelita Campaign, Salomon Maya, Patricia Alvarez De Los Cobos, Energy Communications Corporation
  • Nevada Film Office ” Your Imagination. Our Locations.”, Kelly Schwarze, Charisma Manulat, Michael Tushaus, Indie Film Factory, LLC

Graphic Arts – Graphics

  • AT&T Sportsnet Vegas Golden Knights Package, Daniel Farley, Richard Ealom, Jeffery Meyer, Cody Ulm, AT&T Sportsnet

Graphic Arts – Animation

  • 2018 Animation Work – Composite, Nial Nelson-Hopkins, San Diego Padres

Graphic Arts – Art Direction/Set Design

  • FOX 5, KSWB-TV, San Diego, Tim Saunders, Broadcast Design International, Inc.

Audio Live

  • All Is Calm (Live Opera Broadcast), Kurt Kohnen, KPBS

Audio – Post Production

  • World Cup 2018 – PROMO, Luigi Rizzo, Telemundo 20

Musical Composition/Arrangement

  • Stories of The Sharp Experience, Episode 17, Ben Eshbach, KellyCo Agency / Sharp HealthCare

Director – Newscast

  • 2018 Director Composite, Conor Lawrence Volk, NBC 7 San Diego

Director – Live or Recorded Live

  • All Is Calm, Donn Johnson, KPBS

Director – Non-Live (Post-Produced)

  • Saving ‘?hi’a — Hawaii’s Sacred Tree, Annie Kopsco, Liza Sullivan, CLUB SULLIVAN TV
  • Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America, Bill Wisneski, Palomar College Television

Director – Short Form

  • Mossy Nissan “Telenovela”, Antonio Ortoll, Telemundo 20
  • Annie The Beetle, Mike Million, Volkswagen of America

Editor – News

  • For Jessica, Ray Arzate, FOX5 Las Vegas

Editor – Program

  • Saving ‘?hi’a — Hawaii’s Sacred Tree, Liza Sullivan, Nathan Minatta, CLUB SULLIVAN TV
  • Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America, Chad Richmond, Palomar College Television

Editor – Short Form

  • Annie The Beetle, Sammy Yoon, Volkswagen of America
  • T20 Image Promo “FIFA World Cup San Diego teaser”, Luigi Rizzo, Telemundo 20


  • Live at the Belly Up, Carter Adams, Alexander Somerville, Belly Up Productions

On-Camera Talent – Anchor

  • Claudia de la Fuente – News Anchor, Claudia De La Fuente, Telemundo Las Vegas
  • You just read. Anybody could do it -Viewer, Christine Maddela, FOX5 Las Vegas

On-Camera Talent – Reporter

  • Reed Cowan Pyeongchang NBC Winter Olympic Games, Reed Abplanalp-Cowan, KSNV
  • Para mis padres, Rigoberto Villalobos, Telemundo 20

On-Camera Talent – Sports

  • Aly Lozoff, Aly Lozoff, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain
  • Made in Venezuela, Built in the U.S., Carlos Mauricio Ramirez, Telemundo 20
  • Sports Anchor, Manuel Rivera, Telemundo Las Vegas

On-Camera Talent – Weather

  • La Autoridad en El Tiempo Antes, Durante y Después de la Tormenta, Ana Cristina Sánchez, Telemundo 20
  • Sam Argier Weather Composite, Sam Argier, FOX5 Las Vegas

On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator/Performer

  • Zeji Ozeri on Qué Buen Día, Zajaria Ozeri, Energy Communications Corporation
  • Rachel Smith: Entertainment Host of MORE and More Access, Rachel Smith, FOX5 Las Vegas

On-Camera Talent – Reporter Live

  • Anything Can Happen, It’s Live TV, Aric Richards, FOX5 San Diego
  • You Want Me Live? Fine! We’re Doing It My Way!, Joe Little, NBC 7 San Diego

Photographer- News

  • Armadillos Busqueda y Rescate Parte 1, Paulina Castro, KBNT
  • What in the haberdasheries and hemoglobin is going on here?, Ray Arzate, FOX5 Las Vegas
  • La Casa Whaley, Paulina Castro, KBNT

Photographer – Program

  • Saving ‘?hi’a — Hawaii’s Sacred Tree, Annie Kopsco, Nathan Minatta, CLUB SULLIVAN TV

Photographer – Short Form

  • National University #My30 Anthem, Trevor Fife, The Agency at NUS

Video Essay

  • New Rifle and Drone, Kenny McGregor, KFMB-TV CBS 8
  • Brown Bag Coalition, Paulina Castro, KBNT

Writer – News

  • Golf, A Love Story, Greg Bledsoe, NBC 7 San Diego

Writer – Program

  • Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America, Bill Wisneski, Mona Urban, Ashley Olson, Chad Richmond, Palomar College Television

Writer – Short Form

  • T20 News Image Promo “Será“, Antonio Ortoll, Telemundo 20

Video Journalist – Within 24 Hours

  • Yes, I’m at NBC7 Now, Joe Little, NBC 7 San Diego

Video Journalist – No Time Limit

  • Breaking the Cycle, Bree Steffen, KGTV 10News
  • Lugares De Siempre, Carlos Armendariz, Entravision